A break from the perfection of Cudi’s rhythmic wordplay throughout the album, “Erase Me” uses him the opportunity to be a lounge singer relaying the hazards of the “famous rapper.”… Read More 

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She sassist I don't spfinish time like I really shouldShe sassist she don't know me anymoreI think she hates me deep down, I know she doesShe desires to erase me, hmmA couple days, no talking, I check out my babyAnd this what she tells meShe shelp I save on running, store on runningAnd nopoint works, I can't gain amethod from you, noI keep on ducking, save on ducking you, nothing helpsI can't soptimal missing you (Yeah)It's choose I'm her new nightmare, she ain't escapingIt provides me feel a little bit complete (Yeah)Knowing someone you love don't feel the exact same method about yaMemories they quickly delete (Hmm)A couple weeks, no talking, I watch my babyI missed you so damn muchHey, I wish we can begin over, I told my babyThis what this bitch tells meShe shelp I keep on running, save on running, and nothing worksI can't acquire amethod from you, noI store on ducking, store on ducking you, nothing helpsI can't speak absent you

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Yeah, cause I'm in the magazines, on the TVNo issue wbelow you are, you might hear me (Uh)I'm in the magazines, on the TVNo matter wbelow you go, you might check out me (Hello, haha)Uh, I'm Yeezy, she say "Hi, I'm Aria"No, you a angel, you wave "Hi" to AaliyahI got a show in Korea, they built a new arenaWhy don't you come and watch a nigga tear the entirety scene upI know I viewed you before, however don't understand wbelow I checked out yaOh I remember currently, you something that I dreamed ofDon C says she cool, but don't let her fuck your cream upMonica Lewinskies on the dress, she'll take you to the cleanersSure sufficient, a week later, I'm in added loveAnd everybody understand she's mine so she additional pluggedEexceptionally bouncer, every club show her extra loveWe just praying the brand-new fame don't get the finest of usBut all great things gotta pertained to a en-aShe let it go to her head, "No, not my Aria"The elevation of her shopping was writer's blocking meI couldn't gain my shit out anymeans, I hope you die, AriaI store on running, keep on runningAnd nothing works, I can't obtain ameans from you, noI store on ducking, save on ducking you, nothing helpsI can't stop lacking you