Before everbody thinks this is a noob question, I"m not talking around angel investors. I"m talking around the reset button in the Stats tab in the career menu.

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So after reestablishing, you lose all your angels and also money yet save the earned mega bucks, gold and planet- and also platinum multipliers.I was readily available to recollection the moon for the second time currently and also made a decision to perform so.

First thing I noticed is that the multipliers were still active, which is nice. But currently I currently almost finiburned the moon totally for the second time yet did not get anything genuine in exchange (other than some fun).

So my question is, If I recollection a earth is tright here anypoint added to gain? For instance, some added gold, Mega bucks, multipliers or maybe even suits or badges or various other types of swag.


No, this type of reset is just to offer you somepoint to execute while you"re waiting for your earth to finish.

That said: When you end up the earth, you have actually the alternative to recollection it to obtain 5000 gold. You"re basically done via the game at this point, however if you feel favor pressing on or acquire a head begin on any occasions, these 5000 can come in handy.


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