Answers from Ashes
The Ordering of the Kosmos, The Spartan Dog or The Trap is Set

Find and totally free helot detainees of the Order

The first thing we have to perform in this search is to free three Helot detainees. These three fellows have the right to be uncovered in the city of Aipeia in the Valley of Aristomenes in the southeastern part of the Messenian area. They have the right to be discovered at and also approximately the Leader House.

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As the leader residence is most likely populated by the nation’s leader and his entourage of body guards, its finest to lay low and also sneak around (or you might just kill everyone too). Thus, to reduce the variety of active enemy patrols you have the right to meditate until night time so that you have the right to infiltrate the compound a little simpler.

Tright here are three Helots in the Leader House and also its surrounds and they can be discovered in the adhering to locations:

On the southeastern side of the Leader House’s primary structure.In a dirt courtyar to the northeastern of the Leader House’s primary structure.By some tents at the much, eastern side of the Leader House’s neighboring location.

Once you have actually freed all 3 helot detainees, your objectives will certainly update.

Escort the helots to safety

Now that the helots are free, we have to escort them (well the last of the three that we rescued anyway) out of the Leader House location and to safety and security. Follow the helot prisoner and kill any type of opponents that he manages to draw the attention of alengthy the means to safeguard him.

At some point he’ll reach his destination ad we’ll receive a brand-new objective.

Talk to the rescued helot

After releasing the helot detainees and leading the final helot to safety, we’ll next have to method and also stop with him. He’ll tell you some poor news about the certain helot that we wanted to soptimal through.

Reach the torture platform to rescue Rhode

After speaking with the helot, exit his dwelling and also make your means a brief distance to the northwest. Here, a the centre of a public square you’ll uncover a torture platdevelop with Rhode, the helot we need on it.

Approach the torture platdevelop to cause a scene/conversation. Throughout the conversation, you have the right to pick to either fight the soldiers, or to make a deal to release Rhode. Considering it just expenses 600 Drachmae to bribe the soldiers amethod, it’s a pretty cheap (and time effective) option.

After the making the deal/killing the soldiers, your objective will certainly upday.

Talk to Rhode

Once Rhode is freed, she’ll relocate right into a nearby building. Approach and also speak through her right here. Agree to help her to continue.

Follow Rhode in Aipeia

Following the brief chat, Rhode will certainly run off. Follow her with the city a short distance until she reaches the adjacent helot camp. When she arrives, your missions will certainly upday.

Talk to Rhode in the helot camps of Aipeia

Approach and also speak via her below. After an additional brief little of dialogue, our missions will once aobtain update.

Escort the helot kids with Aipeia

Once they are finiburned talking Rhode and the kids will certainly run off as a team. Follow them and also provide them assistance. Ultimately, they will certainly lead you ideal to the Persian Commander Harpagos. At this suggest a scene/conversation will take place.

Kill the Order commander and also soldiers

As quickly as the conversation ends, Harpagos and also his goons will certainly strike you. He is an elite adversary and he’s joined by a pair of Soldiers and a Brute. Kill the lesser enemies first so that you deserve to focus on the Commander himself. Once every one of the opponents are dead, you’ll be able to continue the previous objective.

Escort the helot youngsters with Aipeia

With the Commander and his soldiers out of the method, Rhode and also the youngsters will run off as a group as soon as aacquire. Follow them until they reach their location. When they arrive, your objectives will update.

Talk to the helot children

Now that they are all safe, technique and speak via the helot children. During the conversation you’ll be able to select in between letting the kids continue to be, or to encourage them to leave. As much as I can tell, this has no further affect on the DLC storyline (other than a brief, inconsequential cameo later on), so select as you see fit.

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Once this conversation ends, the quest will be completed.

XP, Drachmae, A Helot’s Dagger (Rare), Ancient Clue – Letter to the Persian Commander