Slingswarm Aeroarea obtained startup Stellatus Solutions LLC to accelerate the launch of Slingswarm Beacon, a tool designed to assist worldwide spacecraft owners & operators collaborate and also connect




AUSTIN, Texas & EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Slingswarm Aeroroom, Inc., a firm building world-class space simulation and analytics solutions, today announced the launch of Slingshot Beacon, the industry’s first collision avoidance cooperation and also communications platdevelop for area, which will be piloted by OneNet, Spire Global Inc.

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, Orbit Fab and also others. The players participating in this pilot routine account for 53% of satellite constellations in low earth orlittle (LEO). Slingswarm Beacon will be offered as a centralized communication and also coordination platcreate to solve on-orlittle bit conjunctions, educate others about planned maneuvers, and also more.

Slingshot Beacon connects operators throughout various organizations on a solitary platcreate, which has never before been done before. It gives customers with existing positional information and packages it in a digestible way via all the essential information to fix a conjunction. The tool will improve transparency, safety and security, and sustaincapability in area for all owner-operators, helping to ensure high risk conjunctions are appropriately mitigated.

​​“OneInternet is committed to responsible operational methods and new tools choose Slingshot Beacon have the right to assist improve space security by creating added avenues for communication,” John Guiney, Vice President, Fleet Management Systems, OneNet. “We look forward to working together to continue progressing means we can all collaborate and also job-related together to keep space safe.”

As an market, tright here are 115,000 satellites planned to enter room by 2030, which indicates more potential collision avoidance decisions will have to be made. Slingshot Beacon is designed to be an end-to-finish communications and participation platdevelop to help alleviate those potential dangers, and facilitate safer satellite operations as the domain becomes even more congested. Presenting crucial data in an extra digestible way will enable owner-operators to make much better decisions much faster, giving federal governments and the public more confidence in safe area operations as the number of objects in area grows.

​​"Slingshot Beacon enables cooperation among all area operations stakeholders offering even more information to users, once and also exactly how they want it, powering whatever from close to real-time situational awareness to on-demand cross-company secure communication and also file sharing," said Melanie Stricklan, Co-founder & CEO, Slingswarm Aeroarea. "Slingshot Aeroarea is reimagining the future of area safety and security and also sustaincapability with high-worth, international participation. We’re extremely grateful to our customers and also the area area for their continued idea in our team and also assets."

Slingshot Beacon was motivated by the guard channel, a distinct radio frequency that is monitored 24/7 for mayday warns or other calls for aid. The innovation is orbit agnostic, and deserve to aid institutions monitor their assets, choose area vehicles and satellites, in and via all orbits, LEO to the moon. In addition, Slingshot Beacon permits customers to protect their assets in space by providing an proactively curated catalog of operator call information; reports on eco-friendly anomalies; neighborhood alerts for planned maneuvers; and also conjunction data messeras (CDMs) and also ephemeris sharing (or precise object place sharing).

“As a member of the room community, Spire recognizes the duty we have in contributing to a safe space atmosphere while protecting our assets and ensuring mission success for our customers and also partners,” said Keith Johnson, VP & GM for Government Solutions, Spire Global Inc. "By giving room data to and participating in Slingshot Beacon, we will continue our commitment to a safe area environment and be component of an innovative technology – the first of its type – that will enable us to connect with various other suppliers and agencies to rise cooperation and international area awareness.”

The tool pulls in public information and also customer’s private data, offering customers through a secure and robust plug-and-play catalog of validated information. It will carry in automated threat security and an objective, unbiased, curated ensemble of room data and durable analytics, offering unequaled room doprimary awareness. To deliver information and also pertinent analytics on customer demand also, Slingshot Aeroroom has actually partnered with Numerica Corporation, a sector leader in air, missile and also space defense modern technology. Numerica’s ability to deliver precision tracking information and analytics is based on its state-of-the-art worldwide telescope network and information processing suite, relied upon for LEO-to-GEO daytime and nighttime space surveillance operations.

Orbit Fab, the Gas Stations in Space™ firm, is producing a bustling in-area economy with on-orbit refueling. “We are creating the future of sustaincapability and also mission flexibility for spacecraft, making docking and moving fuel so dependable it gets boring,” shelp James Bultitude, Chief Engineer, Orbit Fab. “Public awareness is important to ensuring that the distinction in between a safe, consensual rendezvous and a collision occasion is well-known and construed. Slingshot Beacon will streamline this communication, essential for effective maneuvers in the thriving satellite servicing segment.”

Slingswarm Aeroroom gained Stellatus Solutions LLC, a company that was building a platcreate that would certainly aid operators control and protect their satellites by streamlining interaction and also web traffic coordicountry between operators. Thstormy the transactivity, Slingshot Aeroarea gained research study and also intellectual home, which increased the launch of Slingshot Beacon. The firm likewise hired Stellatus Solutions LLC co-founders Holly Highfill and also Kishen Raghunath who will serve as Slingswarm Aerospace’s Director, Customer Engagement and also Strategy, and also Director, Finance and Strategy, respectively.

Stellatus was born out of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Hacking for Defense Program wright here Audrey Schaffer, Former Director, Void Strategy and also Plans, Office of the Secretary of Defense, tested a team to figure out exactly how to create a communications channel for operators to rise room situational awareness through a details emphasis on alerting the community of security concerns in space. After the program ended, the team ongoing the job and created Stellatus, which was acquired a few months later on by Slingshot Aeroarea in June 2021.

Slingshot Beacon is a modern-day, interactive web portal and mobile application that will allow commercial agencies to communicate company to company. Slingshot Aeroroom has actually started beta testing Slingswarm Beacon’s communication functionalities through called customers efficient instantly, through plans to introduce a durable set of functions on a rolling basis founding in Q3 2021:

Internal and also outside collaborationDocuments sharing, voice conference bridgeLive and also historical data processingPowerful workflows via automation tools for danger screeningNotifications and advises (maneuvers, conjunctions and other alerts)Third party plugin/ integration marketlocation assistance for operations monitoring toolsUpload/download customer ephemeris/telemetry information captureEasy onboardingEnd-to-finish securityBuilt-in compliance

In much less than 4 years, Slingswarm Aeroarea has already checked out rapid expansion by earning millions of dollars in revenue from beforehand customer contracts, and is leveraging federal government dollars to develop its IP. To learn even more about Slingswarm Beacon, please visit

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Slingshot Aerospace, Inc. is producing world-course space simulation and analytics remedies. The company brings the area doprimary right into the digital environment and fuses information from various resources to provide a full, dynamic orbital picture. In doing so, Slingswarm Aeroroom customers have the right to make decisions at the speed of relevance and attain clarity in complicated environments. Launched in 2017 and also based in Austin, TX, and Los Angeles, CA, Slingswarm Aeroarea looks for to assist federal government and also commercial customers acceleprice area sustainability to create a safer, more connected civilization. Visit and follow Slingswarm Aeroarea on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.