A set of well-defined steps for performing a job or resolving a problem is recognized asa flowchart.software engineering.a solution engine.an algorithm.a power structure chart.

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A(n) ________ is a set of instructions that tells the computer system how to resolve a trouble.programvariablecompilerlinkeroperator
An included breakthrough setting (IDE) usually includesa text editor.a compiler.a debugger.All of theseNamong these
At the heart of a computer is its main handling unit (CPU). Its project is tofetch instructions.bring out the operations commanded by the instructions.develop some result.All of theseNamong these
C++ is an instance of a ________ programming language.low-levelhigh-levelmid-levelnon-structuredbinary
Characters or symbols that perdevelop operations on one or even more operands aresyntaxes.op codes.operators.regime ops.None of these
Creating a routine calls for many kind of measures. Three of these areinput, processing, and also output.keywords, operators, and also punctuation.regimen design, writing source code, and also testing.syntaxes, logic, and error managing.None of these
The CPU includesthe arithmetic and also logic unit (ALU) and also the regulate unit.the ALU and also the I/O unit.the I/O unit and also the manage unit.the ALU and also the major memory unit.All of these
The ________ coordinates the computer"s operations by fetching the next instruction and using control signals to regulate the other major computer system components.regulate unitinstruction manageroperating systemarithmetic and also logic unit (ALU)traffic controller
The computer"s major memory is frequently well-known asdirect-accessibility memory (DAM).random-accessibility memory (RAM).read just memory (ROM).additional storage.None of these
The purpose of a memory attend to isto recognize the location of a memory cell.to permit multitasking.to prevent multitasking.to find a program.None of these
The statements created by a programmer are calledsyntaxes.object code.source code.language aspects.Namong these
The term hardware refers tothe difficulty of programming.the physical components that comprise a computer.the means a computer"s storage area is arranged.the solved order of a program"s instructions.None of these
True/False: Before a computer system can execute a routine composed in a high level language, such as C++, it have to be interpreted right into object code.TrueFalse
True/False: Many of the lines in a regime contain something meaningful; but, some of the lines may contain nothing at all.TrueFalse
________ is used in a C++ regimen to note the finish of a statement, or to sepaprice items in a list.A separatorAn operatorPunctuationA keywordA blank space
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Review to Algorithmsthird EditionCharles E. Leiserchild, Clifford Stein, Ronald L. Rivest, Thomas H. Cormen
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