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Solve this trouble. 0 votes(Use a TI-84)A newspaper article about the outcomes of a poll states: "In concept, the outcomes of a poll states: "In theory, the result of such a poll, in 99 situations out of 100 have to differ by no more that 5 percentage points in either direction from what would have been obtained by interviewing all voters in the USA," Find the sample size suggested by this statement.word-problemaskedApr 18, 2015in STATISTICSby doan12345Pupil
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Tip 1:

Marginal error is 5% .

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< In either directions >

Find the sample size.

Formula for sample size is



is the worth from the typical normal circulation showing the confidence level.

is the preferred margin of error,

p is the propercent of successes in the populace,

q is the proportion of failure in the population.

Step 2:

Now uncover

score for 99 instances out of 100.

Follow these actions to evaluate z score for height 99 instances out of 100.

1.Select invNorm() in Ti -84 calculator.

< second --> VARS --> 3 >

2.Get in location in decimals .

invNorm((1 - 0.99)/2)


3.Now press Go into in calculator to see answer

invNorm(0.005) = - 2.575

|Z | score for 99 situations out of 100 is 2.575.

Step 3:

Let consider the worth p is 0.5.

So the value of q is


Marginal error is E = 0.05.

Now discover sample dimension n substituting

, E, p and also q in


So the sample dimension n is 663.

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Equipment :

The sample dimension is 663.

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