WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Update: The Wichita Police Department was joined by Vice Mayor Brandon Johnboy and Keena Charles, of the Violence Community Impact regimen, calling for the community’s help to situate Keshawn Maurice Dawchild.

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Dawson is wanted in the shooting at Enigma Night Club on Sept. 7 that brought about the death of Preston Spencer and the wounding of 6 others. Police shelp Dawkid acquired into a disturbance at the club and was compelled to leave. A brief time later on, he changed through a handgun and also fired multiple shots from outside with the windows of the nightclub, according to police.

“It doesn’t stop when that shooting is over. For the family, it is a lifetime. We require your aid,” sassist Keena Charles, the founder of the Violence Impact Community Integration Program.

Police sassist detectives have actually spoken with some of Dawson’s family members yet have generated no leads. Some tips are that Dawboy might be somewbelow in southern Wichita.

“The offender needs to be held accountable and WPD is working towards that, but we need the community’s help,” said Juvenile Intervention Officer Donielle Watkid. “Someone has actually indevelopment on Keshawn’s whereabouts, and he knows that the police is searching for him. If you have actually information about Keshawn, please let us understand.”

Charles’ boy was murdered in 2017. She said she knows just how the Spencer household and the other victims are feeling.

“When that weapon is in your hand. When you don’t realize that you are taking amethod someone’s daughter, someone’s child, a mommy, a father,” shelp Charles, “you hurt this neighborhood. Due to the fact that damaged individuals are walking about every day bereason of the pain of gun violence.”

While the briefing was to encourage the area to come forward with information, those in attendance referred to as on Dawboy to revolve himself in.


Wichita Police shelp they are looking for Keshawn Maurice Dawson as a suspect in the shooting at Enigma Night Club.(Courtesy of Wichita Police)

“I likewise would certainly prefer to speak to on Keshawn to rotate yourself in and also carry out the best thing. That’s what helps heal this community. We recognize that this was somepoint that might’ve happened in one minute, but that one minute has influenced entire resides,” shelp Vice Mayor Brand also Johnboy.

Anyone through information is asked to call 911, Wichita Homicide Detectives at 316-268-4407, or anonymous tips have the right to be offered through Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111. Crime Stoppers tips that bring about the suspect’s arremainder are eligible for a $2,500 reward. You deserve to reference instance numbers 21C054963 and also 21C054967.

The Wichita Police Department will hold a press conference at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday around the Enigma Club shooting.

Vice Mayor Brandon Johnson will certainly likewise sheight, together with various other community members.

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The suspect in the shooting, Keshawn Maurice Dawkid, has actually yet to be located even more than a week after the shooting.