A gerund phrase is a expression consisting of a gerund and any modifiers or objects connected via it.

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A gerund is a noun made from a verb root plus ing (a existing participle). A totality gerund phrase features in a sentence just like a noun, and can act as a topic, an object, or a predicate nomiaboriginal.

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If you look up the meaning of gerund (pronounced JER-und), you will certainly uncover that it indicates “an English noun formed from a verb by adding -ing”; that is, a present participle used as a noun.

Traveling is a great means to expand also your worldview.

My passion is reading.

My doctor says running to enhance my wellness.

In all 3 of these examples, words finishing via -ing are acting as nouns. Traveling is the topic of the first sentence. In the second sentence, reading is a predicate nominative, a word (or team of words) that completes a linking verb and also renames the topic. The verb is, a type of the linking verb to be, is adhered to by reading, which renames the topic my passion. In the 3rd sentence, the gerund running is acting as the object of the verb suggests.

How Do Gerund Phrases Work? They Act Like a Noun

Gerunds have the right to show up alone or band together with various other words to create a gerund phrase. Collectively, this phrase behaves favor a solitary noun.

Both the gerund and also the gerund phrase over function as topic nouns and take the third-perchild singular verb is. We could substitute a non-gerund noun such as chess to mentally confirm its feature.

Not Acting Like a Noun? It’s a Participle Phrase

Gerund phrases deserve to easily be confused with participle phrases. It is feasible, for example, to encounter the gerund phrase we provided above in a context wbelow it is not acting prefer a noun. When offered as a modifier—that is, as an adjective or adverb—it is now a participle expression.

Here, running through scissors modifies the verb charged. It gives us even more information about how Tim charged.

Gerund Phrases as Objects

Just as nouns sometimes feature as objects in a sentence, so can gerund phrases.

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In this sentence, the gerund phrase running through scissors is the straight object of the verb enjoys. We can conveniently replace it with a much easier object noun to confirm that it really is an object.


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