t and also the company pays 25% of purchases in the month of the purchase, 50% in the month after the purchase, and the staying balance in the second month after the purchase. Cash disbursements for June for merchandise is _________.

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June Cash disbursements is $77,500


In june we pay a balance of 25% for april (70,000*25% = 17500), we pay a balance of 25% for may (90,000*50% = 45000) and pay a 25% sum for june (60,000*25% = 15000).

$17,500 + $45000 + $15000 = $77,500

Marvin, the vice president of Lavender, Inc., exercises a stock choice to purchase 100 shares of stock in March 2020. The stock


Namong the nlinux.org is correct.


When Marvin purchase stock in March 2020 at a price of $28. The exercise price for the stock is $20. When Marvin will sell the stock at the exercise price he will get on the sale of the stock. AMT is the distinction or spcheck out between the stock exercise price and its underlying fair sector value.

Fletcher Company accumulated the complying with information concerning production of one of its commodities. Compute the variable overhead efficie
$12.75/hr = $25.50

Actual direct labor hours = 81,500 hrs

Budgeted systems = 42,000 units

Actual finimelted devices created = 40,000 units

Standard variable Overhead rate = (2 hrs.
$14.30/hr.) = $28.60

Standard solved OH rate = $8.00 per unit

Actual expense of variable overhead costs incurred = $1,140,000

Actual price of addressed overhead prices incurred = $338,000


The traditional hrs for actual output

= Direct labor standard hours × Actual finimelted units produced

= 2 × 40,000

= 80,000 hours


The variable overhead efficiency is calculated as:

= Standard variable OH rate × ( traditional hours for actual output - Actual direct labor hours)

= $14.30/hr × ( 80,000 - 81,500 )

= - $21,450

right here, negative sign depicts the unfavorable


The nlinux.org is $21,450 unfavorable.

Tickets for the historic testimonial of ballroom dancing at the Portsmouth Music Hall price $42 for the main-floor seats and $25 for


(a) The expense in dollars of all the main-floor seats that were sold: 42m + 25b. (b) The full variety of seats that were marketed for the performance: m+b.


Its taken that 1 tickect is equal to 1 seat, therefore the number of seats = variety of tickets regardmuch less of the type of seat. With this presumption, the algebraic expressions deserve to be done.

"Recent research on emotionality produced a computer mouse through a nonsensible gene for normal fear actions." This mouse exhibits behav


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A knockout mouse, or knock-out mouse, is a genetically modified mouse (Mus musculus) in which researchers have actually intriggered, or "knocked out", an existing gene by replacing it or disrupting it through an synthetic item of DNA. They are important pet models for examining the role of genes which have actually been sequenced yet whose functions have actually not been established. By bring about a certain gene to be inactive in the mouse, and observing any type of differences from normal behaviour or physiology, researchers have the right to infer its probable function.