The aspect present in all organic molecules is A) hydrogen. B) oxygen. C) carbon. D) nitrogen. E) phosphorus.

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The complexity and selection of organic molecules is due to A) the chemical adaptability of carbon atoms. B) the selection of rare elements in organic molecules. C) the fact that they can be synthesized just in living organisms. D) their interactivity through water. E) their tremendously huge sizes.

The speculative method taken in present biological investigations presumes that A) straightforward organic compounds have the right to be synthesized in the laboratory from inorganic precursors, yet complex organic compounds choose carbohydprices and also proteins can just be synthesized by living organisms. B) a life pressure eventually controls the activities of living organisms and also this life pressure cannot be stupassed away by physical or chemical techniques. C) although a life pressure, or vitalism, exists in living organisms, this life pressure cannot be studied by physical or chemical techniques. D) living organisms are created of the exact same elements existing in nonliving things, plus a few one-of-a-kind map elements found only in living organisms or their assets. E) living organisms can be interpreted in terms of the same physical and chemical laws that can be used to explain all herbal sensations.

Differences among organisms are led to by A) huge distinctions in elepsychological complace from organism to organism. B) differences in the types and family member amounts of organic molecules synthesized by each organism. C) distinctions in the aspects that bond through carbon in each organism. D) differences in the sizes of the organic molecules in each organism. E) distinctions in inorganic compounds present in each organism.

Stanley Miller"s 1953 experiments verified that A) life emerged on Earth from simple inorganic molecules. B) organic molecules deserve to be synthesized abiotically under problems that might have actually existed on at an early stage Earth. C) life developed on Earth from easy organic molecules, with energy from lightning and also volcanoes. D) the problems on beforehand Earth were conducive to the origin of life. E) the conditions on early Planet were conducive to the abiotic synthesis of organic molecules.

How many type of electron pairs does carbon share in order to finish its valence shell? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 E) 8

A carbon atom is most likely to create what type of bond(s) via other atoms? A) ionic B) hydrogen C) covalent D) covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds E) ionic bonds, covalent bonds, and hydrogen bonds

Why are hydrocarbons insoluble in water? A) The majority of their bonds are polar covalent carbon-to-hydrogen linkperiods. B) The majority of their bonds are nonpolar covalent carbon-to-hydrogen linkeras. C) They are hydrophilic. D) They exhilittle bit considerable molecular intricacy and diversity. E) They are lighter than water.

How many kind of structural isomers are feasible for a substance having actually the molecular formula C₄H₁₀? A) 1 B) 2 C) 4 D) 3 E) 11

Which of the complying with statements appropriately describes cis-trans isomers? A) They have variations in arrangement roughly a double bond. B) They have actually an asymmetric carbon that provides them mirror imperiods. C) They have the very same chemical properties. D) They have various molecular formulas. E) Their atoms and also bonds are arranged in various sequences.

Research shows that ibuprofen, a drug offered to relieve inflammation and also pain, is a mixture of two enantiomers; that is, molecules that A) have actually identical chemical formulas but differ in the branching of their carbon skeleloads. B) are mirror images of one one more. C) exist in either linear chain or ring develops. D) differ in the area of their double bonds. E) differ in the setup of atoms roughly their double bonds.

What determines whether a carbon atom"s covalent bonds to other atoms are in a tetrahedral configuration or a planar configuration? A) the visibility or absence of bonds through oxygen atoms B) the visibility or lack of double bonds between the carbon atom and various other atoms C) the polarity of the covalent bonds in between carbon and various other atoms D) the presence or absence of bonds through nitrogen atoms E) the solvent that the organic molecule is liquified in

Compared to a hydrocarbon chain where all the carbon atoms are connected by single bonds, a hydrocarbon chain with the very same variety of carbon atoms, however via one or more double bonds, will certainly A) be more functional in framework. B) be even more constrained in structure. C) be more polar. D) have actually more hydrogen atoms. E) have fewer structurally distinctive isomers.

Organic molecules via just hydrogens and also 5 carbon atoms deserve to have different frameworks in every one of the adhering to means other than A) by branching of the carbon skeleton. B) by differing the number of double bonds between carbon atoms. C) by varying the place of double bonds in between carbon atoms. D) by forming a ring. E) by creating enantiomers.

A compound has hydroxyl teams as its preleading useful team. Which of the adhering to statements is true concerning this compound? A) It lacks an asymmetric carbon, and it is more than likely a fat or lipid. B) It need to dissettle in water. C) It need to dissolve in a nonpolar solvent. D) It won"t develop hydrogen bonds via water. E) It is hydrophobic.

Which of the complying with is a false statement concerning amino groups? A) They are standard in pH. B) They are discovered in amino acids. C) They contain nitrogen. D) They are nonpolar. E) They are components of urea.

Which 2 sensible teams are constantly discovered in amino acids? A) ketone and also methyl B) carbonyl and amino C) carboxyl and also amino D) amino and also sulfhydryl E) hydroxyl and carboxyl

Amino acids are acids because they always possess which functional group? A) amino B) carbonyl C) carboxyl D) phosphate E) hydroxyl

Which useful teams deserve to act as acids? A) amino and sulfhydryl B) carbonyl and carboxyl C) carboxyl and also phosphate D) hydroxyl and aldehyde E) ketone and also amino

Testosterone and estradiol are A) soluble in water. B) structural isomers of each various other. C) proteins. D) lipids. E) enantiomers of each other.

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A chemist wishes to make an organic molecule less acidic. Which of the following practical teams have to be added to the molecule in order to perform so? A) carboxyl B) sulfhydryl C) hydroxyl D) amino E) phosphate

Organic chemisattempt is presently characterized as A) the research of compounds made only by living cells. B) the examine of carbon compounds. C) the examine of necessary forces. D) the study of herbal (as opposed to synthetic) compounds. E) the study of hydrocarbons.

Which chemical team is most likely to be responsible for an organic molecule behaving as a base? A) hydroxyl B) carbonyl C) carboxyl D) amino E) phosphate


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