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The Bottom Line

The 808 Audio NRG Glo speaker delivers solid Bluetooth sound—and also a fairly entertaining light show—for a modest price.

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Tright here are many type of Bluetooth speakers in the sub-$100 realm, soit can be hardfor any one to separate itself from the fill. The 808 Audio NRG Glo attempts to carry out this withan LED that pulses to the beat of your music. Its many appealing attributes, yet, are its $49.99 price and also its modest-but-solid audio performance. Throw in speakerphone usability, and it"s a worthy competitor. We"ve absolutely heard weaker speakers that expense even more, so if the pulsating LED intrigues you, check out on. If you do not require the light display, the Editors" Choice JBL Clip+ ($79.95 at Amazon) offers better audio performance and an extra portable design for the very same price.

DesignThe cylindrical NRG Glo ($36.24 at Walmart) is obtainable in babsence, blue, or gray, and also shaped almost like a lightsaber. It doesn"t shoot out a beam prefer the Jedi weapon of alternative, however it does have actually a glowing blue LED ring around its height panel. This is where the speaker is hosupplied, behind a hexagonal-patterned grille. When music is playing and also you push the Glo button, the LED starts to pulse to the beat. With five different pulsing modes, it"s not the most tantalizing lightshow we"ve ever before viewed (the JBL Pulse ($199.95 at Amazon) still holds that distinction), yet few world will consider the speaker hence alone.

Luckily, the 5.5-by-2.2-inch, 11.2-ounce speaker packs some decent punch for its price, despite having actually just a single driver. It tasks sound upward, while the rubberized coating on the bottom panel stays clear of it from dancing roughly tabletops.

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Located about the base of the speaker are a micro USB port for charging (a cable is included) and a 3.5mm Aux input. The Power/Pairing switch, the Glow switch, and also a microphone for speakerphone calls are also located around the bottom of the speaker. The pairing process through an iPhone 5s was quick and also easy, and also filled through audio cues that you"ll either uncover annoying or learn to live via. 808 Audio approximates the NRG Glo"s battery life to be around 12 hours, yet your outcomes will depfinish on just how loudly you play your music.