What is 3+3x3+3?


What is 3 3x3 3? Check out the solution for S. 9

Order of operations9.8 Mathematics3.2 Subtraction2.3 Quora2.2 Addition1.8 Operation (mathematics)1.5 Multiplication1.4 Problem solving1.4 Division (mathematics)1.2 Insettle notation1.2 McGraw-Hill Education1.1 Exponentiation1 Computer memory0.8 College of Pennsylvania0.8 Rubik"s Cube0.7 Doctor of Philosophy0.7 Term (logic)0.6 Octahedron0.6 Triangle0.5 4K resolution0.5

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Mathematics: What is 3+3x3-3+3=?


Mathematics: What is 3 3x3-3 3=? This expression deserve to be addressed operationally from left to right making use of the order of operations and also dealing with multiplication first. Or, it have the right to be disambiguated variously by inserting parentheses and brackets, implied multiplication, et cetera. PREMISES y= CALCULATIONS This expression is necessarily ambiguous a important condition only if you vacate the order of operations and operator precedence choices. Solving the expression from left to right by the order of operations wbelow multiplication is treated preferentially to enhancement and subtractivity returns: y= y= - y= y=12 y=9 Conversely, y= have the right to be dedetailed as: y= - y= 6 - y=18 y=15 Similarly, as: y= y=60 y=0 y= Or, y= y=6 0 y=6 C.H.

Order of operations14.9 Icosahedron10.5 Multiplication9.9 Mathematics9.5 Tetrahedron7.8 Expression (mathematics)5.6 Subtraction4.6 Addition3.9 Ambiguity2.4 Necessity and also sufficiency2.4 Word-sense disambiguation2.2 Quora2.2 Regular icosahedron2.2 Triangular tiling1.7 Arithmetic1.5 Equation1.4 Triangle1.2 Y1.2 5-cell1.2 Equation solving1.1

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What is 3+3x3-3=?


What is 3 3x3-3=? The answer To settle such questions we have to use the BODMAS rule Bracket of Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtractivity . We resolve such questions following the oreder provided as per the BODMAS preeminence which initially we Divide, the Multiply, then Add and also then Subtract, of course just once all these icons are present. If all of these signs are not presentthen additionally in the equivalent order yet only for the icons which are current. In this situation, we will certainly first multiply that is x , the include the product through and then sbtract from the amount. x x - 9 - 9 -

Order of operations10.3 Multiplication10 Addition4.2 Subtraction4.2 Binary number3 Symbol (formal)2.7 Multiplication algorithm2.5 Summation2 List of mathematical symbols2 Symbol1.9 Duoprism1.8 Mathematics1.4 Order (team theory)1.3 Triangle1.2 Quora1 3-3 duoprism1 Tetrahedral prism0.9 Binary multiplier0.9 Operation (mathematics)0.8 Similarity (geometry)0.8