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From the Author:

This book has actually is no much longer for sale because an updated/increased edition of this book will be publiburned in the fevery one of 2015.Please visitworstpresident44.comfor details and also to sign up to be alerted when the new book is accessible.

About the Author:

Matt Margolis is a permanent architectural designer and longtime blogger. In November 2003, Matt started Blogs for Shrub, among the most popular political blogs during the 2004 presidential campaign, earning him an invitation to the Republihave the right to National Convention. Due to the fact that then, Matt has actually introduced a variety of effective blogs and also has been an invited guest on neighborhood and nationwide media. Matt resides with his wife Beth and their dog Zuzu in Upstate New York. Follow Matt on Twitter
mattmargolis. Mark Noonan
is a long-time blogger and Navy veteran. He has actually been living in the southerly Nevada area for even more than a decade and has lived in locations as diverse as The golden state, Virginia and also, for a time, Italy. Catholic and Distributist, Noonan writes on a vast array of topics and has actually appeared in old and also new media over the years. Follow Mark on Twitter
Mark_E_Noonan. Matt and also Mark both blog at blogsforvictory.com. Their initially book, Caucus of Corruption: The Truth about the New Democratic Majority, was published in 2007.

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