“13 Reasons Why” is just one of the most talked-around shows within the psychological health neighborhood. This seakid, we’re breaking down each episode to watch just how the show’s coverage of mental health and wellness concerns has actually advanced.

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In this Justin-focused episode, it is revealed that he has been using aacquire. Clay wrestles with the truth that he has actually been named a person of interemainder in the Bryce Walker investigation.

What Happens in Episode Nine

Clay confronts Justin with the oxycodone prescription he found in Bryce’s name. Justin stole it from Bryce’s room on the day of the funeral.

Clay and also Justin enter the home and also it is revealed that Clay has officially been named as a person of interest. Clay is approached by a reporter at Monet’s yet Justin comes to the rescue.

It is revealed throughout a conversation between Justin and Monty that Justin has been utilizing again. Justin and also Jessica declare their love to each various other.

Zach insists Justin is clean. Justin started playing footsphere again to gain earlier into a healthy lifestyle mentally and also physically. Alex and also Justin have actually a conversation in the bathroom…furthering suspicions that he is using.

Tyler provides Clay some advice around being the subject of negative attention. Ani tells Clay that Bryce’s room was swept clean after they uncovered the steroids, which is proof that Justin is lying.

Justin snaps at Jessica and tells her that he cheated on her. He ends the partnership. Clay and Ani interrogate Justin around where he acquired his pills. It is revealed that Justin was dealing for his father and also making use of. He obtained captured by the cops in an altercation via his father and Bryce bailed him out. Bryce likewise pays off his father. He uncovered out that Justin was utilizing aobtain and also gives him the oxy to take instead.

Justin thinks that his father, Seth, could have eliminated Bryce. They go to investigate wbelow he stays and also they discover Bryce’s watch. Seth comes in and tries to shoot the kids yet Ani knocks the gun out of his hand also.

Justin, getting to his breaking point, snorts drugs appropriate in front of Clay. It is revealed that Zach actually extended for Justin during drug testing. Justin asks Clay to assist him gain clean. There is a emotional exreadjust in between the 2, showing astronomical development in their relationship.

Justin’s lingering addict actions are a testament to the fact that recoexceptionally is a lengthy and difficult procedure. It isn’t as simple as obtaining clean. Staying clean and resisting temptation is what’s the many difficult. Clay is distraught as soon as he finds out that Justin has actually been utilizing aacquire, however he works with Justin to discover a solution. Justin’s addiction to drugs affects all elements of his life, as it would if he were a actual perchild and not simply a character. Addiction affects relationships, physical and also mental health.

Some of this episode felt rumelted and also hectic, which contributes to the portrayal of the chaos of addiction. However before, this left me feeling unfulfilled. The truth that Clay did not encourage Justin to tell his parents and look for experienced assist bothered me. Why is it that everyone is so resistant to seeking experienced help in this show? It isn’t easy by any kind of implies, however perhaps a depiction of doing the responsible thing for one’s recoextremely would certainly assist encourage world to carry out the very same.

In the finish scene, Clay receives a call from Mrs. Baker but we don’t know what she says.


Discussion Questions

Who perform you think killed Bryce?How can you assistance someone going via addiction?

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