I love the principle of Cloverfield occurring in the very same timeline as 10CL, but I didn’t acquire the impression that it did. There’s no mention of the previous assault in NY and also John Goodman’s character doesn’t really point to it. If he kbrand-new of an invasion why would he not at leastern mention a previous attack by a gigantic monster which taken place to be shown on the news.

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We carry out discover out there is a slight link via the Bold Futura letter however nothing that claims that the Cloverarea incident took location in that world.

Of course anything is possible at this point and also with GP coming out it could really tie all of the movies together.


hate to be the bearer of bad news yet nobody knows. we prefer to think they are associated and that GP will certainly make a more obvious link however we genuinely don’t know. It might be an anthology prefer The Twilight Zone.

It's not up in the air at all. Abrams and also Tratchtenberg were openly saying that they are separate universes. Personally, I like that idea. Think of it as a Twilight Zone film series.

Same cosmos considering that very same suppliers Slusho and also bold futura tie together however method sepaprice time lines. Look at the types of phones being used. Flip phone vs iPhone . Blood family members but not straight sequel. I wouid fairly it be vague loose connections we need to dig for execute i agree

The just thing for sure that ties any kind of of the movies together is Tagruato Corp. They're always tbelow and seem to constantly have actually somepoint to carry out with extraterrestrials arriving. From what I respeak to, recent IRL Slusho! promos suggest to ParraFUN being the subsidiary via some connection in GP, Just as Howard was linked to Bold Futura in 10CL

I'm kind of going out on a limb, but I'd favor to believe the occasions in GP have something to execute through the satellite/egg/object falling into the ocean close to Coney Island also which helps to set off the occasions of the original Cloverfield.

I firmly believe they take area in the very same cosmos, but J.J. Abrams won’t admit it. In my own idea, 10 Cloverfield Lane takes location 8 years after the initially film’s events, which is why it isn’t stated because it taken place so long back. Although we carry out talk about 9/11 which happened almost 17 years back, it’s odd Howard didn’t when recommendation the New York strike as soon as pointing out the carnage the extraterrestrials are capable of. Something alengthy the lines of “This will many likely be just as terrible as New York in 2008” would’ve been a cool and also subtle referral.

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I’m gaining off track. In conclusion I believe they are in the same universe, yet it was probably poorly executed on the production carriers part, they’ll probably uncover a means to fix it. Tagruato connects them both also, save in mind. Also, both movies share the same text font, confirming my belief. My prediction is God Particle will certainly uncover a way to affix them both also, whether they’re going to use Tagruato and/or Bold Futura aget is left open up for guessing. However, tright here is an audio file that was found during the 10CL ARG and was recoded from the area terminal prior to the events of the film. I’m predicting that recording to be component of God Ppost.